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Personal Trainer: Cornell

OUr mission

Tru U Fitness has one focus and that focus is YOU! Our goal is to be dedicated in helping you reach your personal goals. You become our priority and during your training sessions we will help you discover more about yourself than you realized.

By building a trusting relationship and working together you will become the best version of you.  

Maximize Your Results

We understand that each individual has different fitness goals. We also understand that sometimes when trying to obtain these goals it can seem overwhelming or out of reach. We are passionate about helping you reach the goals that you have set for yourself. What the mind believes to be true the body will follow and this is where we step in.

Together, we will gain a understanding as why you want to change. If you have a good reason to start, you will have a good reason to stay motivated. Here at Tru U Fitness we offer a variety of fitness services by certified personal trainers that are motivated in helping you discover the Tru U!